More Farmers File Suit Against Syngenta for MIR 162 GMO Corn Trait Release

Law firms amend previous suit against Syngenta to include 20 states; say Syngenta’s release of two GMO corn varieties depressed corn market

Firms representing farmers who in a lawsuit alleged economic cheap nfl jerseys damage from the commercial U.S. Aveeno release of two GMO corn varieties said Thursday that more farmers – now representing 20 states – have joined the suit.

First filed on Nov. 11, the suit alleges that Corner Syngenta – wholesale mlb jerseys marketer of two GMO $750 corn varieties unapproved for import CBCM in China, Expectations a major wholesale mlb jerseys U.S. commodity buyer – wrongfully handled release of the Class traits for meldt: commercial use in 14oz the U.S.

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